Trader68 3.1

Trader68 is a fully automated order routing system
6.4.102 (See all)

Trader68 is a fully automated order routing system which allows you to auto-trade your real-time signals live -- as soon as they are generated! Trade orders are routed from your system to your broker without any action required on your part.
- Automated trading of Stocks, ETF’s, Futures, and FOREX markets.
- Asset allocation features allow you to set the amount of capital to allocate to each signal or group of signals.
- Protect your investment with automatic stop and limit order generation.
- Flexible interface allows you to customize the views into any combination of tabbed windows, including portfolios, details, alerts, and other views.
- Complete trading history shows you every order, execution and trade that occurred, as well as a complete transaction history of your account.

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